#4 Overuse of Plug-ins Top Ten Mixing Mistakes

#4 Overuse of Plug-ins 

I was talking with a young guy last week about mixing. He was mixing on a digital console, (manufacturer's name withheld) and was using plug-ins. The subject came up about the analog days, and I mentioned insert cables. He had never seen one, didn't know what one looked like much less how to solder one. It goes without saying, (although I must) he had never used the analog version of these plugs. Now if this kid had impressed me with his mixing chops, I wouldn't have been so critical.  The massive amounts of plug-ins were not helping his mix. Now don't get me wrong, I use plug-ins.  I like them. But a good FOH person could mix a show with an analog channel mixer with no effects. 

Most people who abuse plugs have never used the analog pieces they were modeled after, nor do they know which plugs are faithful reproductions or not. Now before I get ugly emails from you plug nuts, ask yourself this question. If your digital console burst into flames could you mix a show with an analog desk, one verb, one delay, and two channels of compression? If not, time to move to the lighting team.

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