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Hi everybody, my name is Michael, some of you who know me, 

know me all the way back from high school. 

some of you who know me know me from the military or Tops and Blue, the Air Force Entertainment Group that I toured with back in the eighties and as recently as 2013. 

Some of you may know me from working for a manufacturer of audio gear, or maybe from mixing a show, or maybe you know me through music. 

Last year I had a pretty bad car accident destroyed my knee exacerbated a really bad shoulder injury that I had had for many years. and during my recovery. I mentioned to my wife that I was going to finish the CD and maybe write a book, and she said to me you have a lot of great ideas but you never finish anything. Well, that hurt but it was true. 

A friend of mine recommended a book called “finish” by Jon Acuff, and The four disciplines of execution achieving your wildly important goals”. 

 and I've kind of been inspired to start finishing projects I got several 5 partial CDs or albums in the can waiting to be finished. 

I have started 4 different books waiting to be finished. So 2019 is my year to finish things, and it's also my year to start things. One of the things that Jon Acuff talks about in his book is fear of starting something or a fear of finishing something because of your past. 

because of past mistakes I've made in my life, I felt I haven't been unqualified. who would want to listen to me oh, what a hypocrite I would be by sharing my opinion? 

I've had many epiphanies in the last year and I feel some of them have been simmering in my heart for a long time. 

One thing I do know is God has laid on my heart biblical truth and he is revealed certain things to me through writings of others that must be shared. 

Firstly let me say as Paul said in his letters I am chief among sinners. There is nothing good about me I've made mistakes in my life. but my God and the grace he provides through his son Jesus covers me in a way that I can speak the truth and I don't have to stand on my own righteousness. I can claim his. 

some of you that follow me know that I love memes sarcastic memes are hilarious but sometimes it's confusing when I lob memes around because some of them are sarcastic but some of them are truthful. 

in some of the things that I have started this year and feel compelled to finish this year is  an 

80s Show, I'll put a link up to an online 80s show that I'm posting 

Every Friday night. 

The next is a Blog about racism in America I believe the enemy wants there to be tension among the races. Is there racism around the world?   of course there is. I've always been afraid to talk about it because I'm going to leave white man, and how would I know about racism. I've got a friend who's going to join me on this podcast his name Errol Jones and he's a pastor, and he has a word also to share. 

We are facing a moral crisis in this country have never witnessed before. It started in the early 60s and I'm going to talk about this and upcoming podcasts. we as Christians have been silent in our beliefs we've allowed the squeakiest wheel and the loudest voice to change laws, we've allowed our education system to kick God out of the classroom. 

we don't even know our Godly history. One of the biggest fallacies in our country today is called the separation of church and state. We're going to talk about the history of that. And just a tease you a little bit about that 

nowhere in our constitution 

nowhere in our Bill of Rights is the phrase mentioned “separation of church and state” 

Our Founding Fathers were flawed. 

 Some of them owned slaves but if you think our Founding Fathers started this country with the idea that God had no place in this country you have believed a lie. and I'm going to show you documents to prove my point. I want to invite you along on this journey. These blog posts are going to be short they're not going to be an hour long 

I don't have sponsorship I don't have companies throwing money at me to advertise on my blog posts 

I'm going to try to keep it short.  around five minutes because I want these to be shareable 

I want him to have truth and I want you as Christians, and Patriots to be armed with the truth. I've been guilty in the past I'm trying to shout down opposing views on Facebook. I want to approach this from a position of love, not a position tolerance. 

Tolerance in America is a virus and it is evil. We can stand up as Christians and speak the truth without condemnation without judgment. Speaking truth doesn't mean you're judging. 

Once Upon a Time, the definition of Tolerance meant accepting someone's Viewpoint as their exchange of ideas and thoughts, but that definition has changed. 

Tolerance today means accepting one's Viewpoint is the truth and that's a fallacy, and it's a lie. I want you to know that you can stand up for truth and still be Christ-like. 

We as Christians have sat too long on the sidelines and allowed our country to be radically changed. It is time we take it back and I have a message that I believe is God ordained that will allow us to do it. I'm not talking about the Republican party I'm not talking about the Democratic Party. But what I am talking about is voting for moral and biblical righteousness. and when you look at the two party system that we have the choice is pretty clear. Now you may say that's the lesser of two evils so be it. 

I can't wait to share with you and I hope you'll be as inspired as I have been this past year. I'm not going to be silent anymore, I'm going to speak from the position of love, and compassion and there will be subjects that I have guests on this blog that I may disagree with, and I may just have to say I don't have the answer for that, but I'm not going to be silent on the sidelines any longer. 

We are sinners, we all stumble we all falter all have sinned, and in that, there is love and forgiveness. But evil is a confirmed state of seeking and desiring the destruction of other people. I think that is more evident today than ever before in this country. Evil is not only here and growing but celebrated.  

Ravi Zacharias 

I love this country and I believe God started this country with flawed individuals. And let me leave you with this if God judges Us in the afterlife when does he judge a nation? he judges a nation in the Here and Now. Not in the afterlife. He does that with Souls but he judges the nation in the present. Our country is fundamentally changing because I believe God is taking his hand off our country and he's allowing us to have exactly what we've asked for in our country. 

We have legislated Him out of our schools, courthouses, and governments. 

it's time we stop 

 it's time we acknowledge moral and biblical truths let's change the world together.

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