#1 Mixing on "snap-shots" alone Top Ten Mixing Mistakes

#1 Mixing on "snap-shots" alone 

Before I start this rant, I must qualify this by saying I love the automation/recall features of digital consoles. (some more than others) They are incredibly beneficial tools in today's busy church audio demands. As…


#4 Overuse of Plug-ins Top Ten Mixing Mistakes

#4 Overuse of Plug-ins 

I was talking with a young guy last week about mixing. He was mixing on a digital console, (manufacturer's name withheld) and was using plug-ins. The subject came up about the analog days, and I mentioned…


#5 Mis-use of Compression Top Ten Mixing Mistakes


#5 Mis-use of Compression 

I cannot count the number of times I have walked into a gig as a guest mixer and found that Compressors are adjusted incorrectly. 

Very recently I was mixing at my friend's church, and the bass…


#8 Improper gain staging  Top Ten Mixing Mistakes

#8 Improper gain staging 

So much is misunderstood about gain staging in the audio world, especially in the church sound. 

Years ago Mackie gave instructions in their analog owners manuals about setting ‘unity-gain'  "Select solo on the channel you are…


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Hi everybody, my name is Michael, some of you who know me, 

know me all the way back from high school. 

some of you who know me know me from the military or Tops and Blue, the Air Force Entertainment…